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Tax Preparation

Business 2000 Magazine reported Small Business Owners Overpaid Taxes by $2 BILLION in 2019.  A reason why investing in an experienced Accountant will work for you.

We make filing your taxes easy by requesting all documentation in a Secure Client Portal.  Our focus is helping you pay the least in taxes by finding deductions that fit your financial story.

Easy Tax Preparation Process:


Bookkeeping and Accounting are the foundation of all things financial in your business.  Understanding your numbers will help you prosper in your business. You need a trusted and experienced team of Accountants to explain your numbers to you and prevent tax late fees and penalties. 

Our service includes:

Business Formation:

One of the most important tasks of starting a business is choosing the correct structure.  Some are tax advantageous, but will cost you more in administrative costs.  Therefore, you want to consult an Accountant or Business Attorney to make the best choice.


Running payroll consists of calculating employee earnings and factoring out federal and state payroll taxes.  Each state has different payroll tax laws and some states also require municipal taxes.  Have peace of mind knowing all taxes are completed timely and accurately by partnering with us.

Tax Planning

Are you tired of unleashing your funds to Uncle Sam?  Then Tax planning is for you.  Tax Planning is the analysis of your financial situation to find loopholes and deductions to minimize your tax bill.  We make the process for you very easy:

Our service includes:

Tax preparation
Business formation
12 yrs + experience

Keeping Your Finances in Top Shape

Take control over your financial journey

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Get started with a complimentary consultation from Total Financial Firm and one of our professional Accountants will answer any questions before getting started. 

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